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My technique : difference with the classic switching color method

The simplest crochet change color technique is to insert the new color yarn into the last stitch of the row and then continue to crochet stitches normally. Indeed it is the fastest, because there is no need to cut the thread. However, it has to disadvantage of leaving a demarcation as the rounds progress.

Over time, I developed a technique that allows the rows to be re balanced slightly. So, it reduces this ” staircase ” effect.

The details are explained in the pictures below. But, you can also find the full youtube video right there.

Step by step explanation

crochet change color
Step 1

To start, place your hook on the last stitch of round. Then, make the beginning of a single crochet ( two loops on the hook ).

Step 2

Finish the single crochet : yarn over with the new color, pass through both loops. So you have one loop left on the hook and that’s the new color.

change color
Step 3

Place the stitch marker, on the Front Loop of the next stitch.

slip stitch
Step 4

Make a slip stitch in the Back Loop of this same stitch ( do not crochet the Front Loop )

Step 5

Then, crochet the round normally ( taking the two loops of each stitch )

color change
Step 6

When finishing the round, return to the marker.

Step 7

Look at the stitch of the marker. There is a hole under the frond loop.

Step 8

Insert the hook into this hole.

Step 9 (1/2)
change color
Step 9 (2/2)

Make a single crochet. The single crochet covers the slip stitch.

Step 10

Finally, insert your marker into the single crochet you just made and keep crocheting the round normally.


Voilà ! it’s over ! Thanks to this method, the single crochet makes it possible to re balance the rounds. So the color change is made without a demarcation. You don’t even need to cut the thread.

crochet change color
Difference of result between the classic method and the one I use.

Let me know if you find my technique useful, I hope you will use it as much as I do !


The details are explained in the pictures above. But, you can also find the full youtube video right there.

Invisible color change video

Pictures resume


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