Left Handed : how to SINGLE CROCHET

single crochet

Single crochet (sc) is THE crochet stitch that you will see in most crochet patterns. Very easy to learn, it will be very useful to you as a crochet beginner because it is the base of many other stitches.

Step-by-step pictures

Let’s say you start from a magic circle ( video how to make a magic circle here ).

Step 1 : Slip your hook in the ring


Step 2 : Make the first yarn over


Step 3 : Bring the yarn over thread into the circle. You then have 2 loops on the hook.


Step 4 : Make a second yarn over


Step 5 : Pass your hook in the two loops that are on the hook. So, the thread from the yarn over also passes through these 2 loops.


You now have 1 loop on your hook and your SC is done ( clap, clap ! )


Video : how to Single Crochet



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