How to : CROCHET a CURLY CUE for amigurumi

crochet curly cue

Hi Pumpkin, hope you are doing and that your week is going well as well ! If you follow a little bit the crochet world, you may have noticed that this summer is unicorn season. Last year it was octopuses and cacti but this year we see unicorns with curly hair everywhere. For this reason, I wrote the pattern of a unicorn ( link of the pattern : here ) called Leela :

crochet unicorn

She is very cute ( I think so lol ) and what really makes her charming are her long curls ( a bit like springs ). I used the So, I made a Youtube video to show you how to create this curly crochet hair that can also be used as octopus tentacles.

Step-by-step pictures

This yarn is perfect for unicorn hair and you can purchase it : here

Crochet hair video tutorial

In this week, you will learn how to crochet curly hair for amigurumi

Unicorn crochet pattern

Click on the pictures to access my unicorn crochet pattern


I hope you will find this article useful and that you will use this method every time to crochet curly hair to my amigurumis. Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions .


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