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magic ring crochet

Dear Pumpkin, Magic ring is VERY important when you learn to crochet. It will be the round base of most your crochet works and amigurumis First, if you are a crochet beginner, the magic ring can be a little confusing or won’t close as you wish but I will show you step-by-step how to make the magic happen ! ( ahah hope you understand the joke ). I also made a YouTube video that you can watch, so let’s get started !


1- Wrap the thread this way around your two fingers

2- Cross it on top

3- Go under the 1rst thread, grab the second one

4- Pull it under the first thread

5- Make a yarn over

6- Pass the thread of the yarn over in the loop on the hook

7- Start making single crochets by making sure the cut thread stays stuck to the ring

8- Make as many single crochets as indicated in the pattern.

9- To close the ring, pull on the cut thread

Crochet tutorial : magic ring


I hope you will find this article useful, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me here if you have any question 🙂


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