Cute Small Crochet HEARTS – Tutorial

Crochet hearts tutorial

Hello Pumpkins !!! Very season appropriate and easy tutorial today : crochet hearts ! It definitely comes in handy for Valentines day, or maybe not Valentines day … because if you are like me ( very romantic type of person lol ) we don’t need a specific day to make little hearts …

Anyways, let’s get started !


Larger crochet hearts : Hook 5.5mm with Bernat Softee Chunky (berry red), gauge 6

Small crochet hearts : Hook 4 mm with Yarn bee Mini Maker in red and pink, gauge 4

Stitches used

  • Half double crochet, learn this stitch : here
  • Double crochet, learn this stitch : here

YouTube tutorial

Step-by-Step pictures

Start with a magic ring and a chain stitch

Then, 3 half-double crochets and a chain stitch ( this is the first half of the heart )

And make a double crochet, which will create the bottom of the heart

After that, make 3 half-double crochets + 1 chain stitch ( second half of your heart )

Make 1 slip stitch in the magic ring and cut the thread. Pass the thread through the loop to tie a knot.

Then, pull on the magic ring’s thread to close it.

Finally, pass the cut thread through the center of the heart and tie a knot in the back.


Voilà your crochet hearts are ready ! I wish you Happy Valentine’s day 🥰

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Small Harry

Click here for Harry pattern 🥰

and here for small Harry & Hariett


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