How to : DOUBLE LOOP stitch

double loop stitch
Double loop stitch

Hi Pumpkins ! I hope you are having a wonderful week! Today, I will introduce you to a new stitch that I’ve been obsessed with lately… it’s called the DOUBLE LOOP stitch !

crochet bags

I really really love the final look of this stitch and I use it to make my Frizzy bags ( free pattern : here). Unlike the classic loop stitch, the double loop stitch will give you 2 loops instead of one. So the result is even more fuzzy and puffy, love it !

So let’s get started with the tutorial !


DL (to be honest I’ve created my own abbreviation because it can change according to the patterns)


Video tutorial : Double loop stitch


I hope you will find this article useful, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me here if you have any question 🙂


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