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crochet pattern infinity scarf

Infinity scarf is definitively THE winter accessory and even better, it’s super easy to crochet one ! I hope you will like this free infinity scarf crochet pattern, let me know if you have any questions 🙂

As usual, the infinity scarf pattern comes with a full YouTube tutorial as step-by-step visual support.

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  • The scarf measures approximately 50 inches (length) x 6 inches (width) and it’s wrapped around the neck twice. The size of your scarf can differ according to the tightness of your stitches.
  • You can decide to make it longer by adding rows and to make it larger by adding chain stitches to the foundation chain. Make sure to increase the size of the lining accordingly.
  • The use of different supplies from that indicated may vary the final rendering. You don’t have to use the same brand of yarn but the weight category has to be the same for a similar result.

Notes before starting

  • Read the infinity scarf crochet pattern completely before you start and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or feedbacks, I will be happy to answer them ( contact me : here )
  • For a result similar to the original infinity scarf, it is important to read the crochet pattern at each step so as not to skip instructions given for a specific row. The model requires careful counting of rows and stitches.
  • Also, don’t hesitate to contact me here if you notice any mistake in the tutorial, thank you
  • The numbers placed in parentheses correspond to the number of stitches to have when finishing the row. This allows you to know if it was done correctly. If you have more than the number indicated, it means that you have added stitches. Conversely, if you lack it, you have forgotten it.
  • The letters (a,b,c…) at the end of sentences correspond to the pictures.
  • When it is indicated “classic finish “, it means: Cut the thread and pass it through the loop to make a knot.

Difficulty, stitches and techniques used

Level of difficulty : Easy, basic sewing is necessary

Stitches and techniques : chain stitch, half-double crochet, back loop

Half-double crochet tutoriel : here

For more details about the different crochet stitches and techniques, watch my YouTube videos : here

List of supplies

The use of different supplies from that indicated may vary the final rendering. You don’t have to use the same brand of yarn but the weight category has to be the same for a similar result.

Sweet dreams infinity scarf crochet pattern contain affiliate links. It means that I receive a small commission if you purchase the product that is linked ( no additional cost to you ).

  • Hook, 4.5mm (US 7) from this crochet kit : here
  • Yarn ( as long as the weight category is the same, you can pick yarn of the brand that you prefer ( the result will be similar in term of proportions ).
ColorNumber of ballsBrand and NameWeight & yardage / 1 ballWeight category
She Sells Shea Shells3Arcane Fibre Works, 100% merino : from here100 g / 109 yds ( 100 m )5, bulky/ chunky
  • Lap counter : here
  • Stitch markers ( optional )

Lining ( color of your choice ) :

  • Ivory Velvet Fleece Fabric from Hobby Lobby : here. You will need a rectangle of 54 inches ( length ) x 11 inches ( width ), approximately 4 inches longer and 5.5 inches wider than the crocheted part ( that measures 50 x 5.5 in. ). The fabric that I purchased is pilling a lot so if you find an anti-pilling one, it will be even better 🙂
  • White ( or a color that matched the lining ) thin sewing thread and a sewing needle.
  • Sewing clips : here

( More information about supplies on my blog post ‘’ Crochet supplies list for beginner ‘’ )

Infinity Scarf, Free Crochet Pattern

© This document is the property of crochetpinkpumpkin. This infinity scarf crochet pattern is for personal use only.
No profit can be generated from this pattern

Abbreviations ( US terms )

R: row
Ch: chain stitch

Hdc: half double crochet

BLO : back loop only

Crocheted part

Tutoriel : here

Hook : 4.5 mm (US 7)

R0 : 25 ch + 2 turning ch

Start crocheting in the 3rd ch from the hook.

R1 : 1 hdc* in each stitch (25) + 2 turning ch

Turn your work, never crochet the turning chains, always start crocheting in the 25th hdc of the previous row.

R2 > R153 : BLO, 1 hdc in each stitch (25) + 2 turning ch ( 152 rows ** )

At the end of R153, do not make the 2 turning ch, only a classic finish.

*hdc tutorial : here

** : you don’t need to count each rows, only make sure that, by the end, it measures approximately 50 inches long and 5.5 inches large.


(More visual details in the tutorial : here )

  • Place the front side ( the one you want to be visible ) of the lining facing the crocheted scarf (a). So, the back side is facing you.
  • Fold both lengths of the lining over approx.2 inches (b)
  • Then, fold the width of the lining over approx. 2 inches (c)
  • Align the 2 corners of the lining with the 2 corners of the crocheted part. To make sure the lining stays in place, place sewing clips (a).
  • Because the lining is wider than the crocheted part, it creates a space between the two which will allow later to turn the scarf right side out (a). Follow the same steps for the other end of the scarf and place clip along the lengths.
  • With white thin thread*, sew the lining to the crocheted part along both lengths. Sew following the dotted lines ( make to sure sew close to the edge ) (b).
  • Now, take one end, and gently turn the entire scarf right side out so that the nice fur side is showing (c).

*I like to double the thread.

  • Place & fold the scarf as pictured (a).
  • Bring the two ends together (b).
  • Clip the lining to the crocheted part (c).
  • Sew ( including both lining and crocheted part ) the ends together to close the scarf. Sew following the line (d)


infinity scarf crochet pattern

Your scarf is now ready !

I hope that you enjoyed this infinity scarf free crochet pattern !

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